Gutteridge - Sartorial elegance since 1878

Over 140 years of history accompany the Gutteridge brand, historic Anglo - Neapolitan signature that embodies a fascinating blend of sartorial tradition and craftsmanship, unique values that characterize a brand with timeless elegance.

In 1878 in the heart of a post-unification Naples, among the books of Matilde Serao, whose protagonists also stands out a shop clerk, and the great urban works of the then Mayor Nicola Amore, Michael Gutteridge, a Scotsman, started a thriving textile import trade through a profitable trade agreement with his father-in-law, then one of the leading textile manufacturers in Scotland.

Starting from a small shop in Piazza Dante, soon Michael Gutteridge inaugurated a second commercial space inside the historic Palazzo Zevallos di Stigliano, monumental work of the architect Cosimo Fanzago, located in the lively and central Via Toledo.

Thanks to the prestige of this location and the peculiarity of the commercial format, which could be compared to a modern department store, Gutteridge was so successful that it had over 100 resources, used only in mail order sales, this success has been achieved, not only in Naples and Italy, but throughout Europe!

With such a prestigious historical background, Gutteridge has maintained its reputation, becoming a Neapolitan institution, until the acquisition by the Capri Group that, in 1997, taking over the historic premises in Palazzo Zevallos di Stigliano, Within which is located the last Caravaggio, also took over the brand and reinvented it in a new retail concept, while keeping intact its historical identity.

Gutteridge - The Contemporary Man Revisited

Behind the scenes, stylistic and sartorial research takes its course, to give life to the Gutteridge collections, developed with the needs and needs of contemporary man, who seeks in a product not only expressive and qualitative characteristics, but also a strong identity in which it can be reflected.

The modeling is reminiscent of the ancient Neapolitan sartorial tradition, treated in detail to ensure a perfect fit, the search for fabrics is continuous, because if the pattern is the soul of a dress, the fabric is the body that gives it character.

The shirts are a range of colors and fabrics, which changes shades every season: from the thousand shades of blue, beige and brown that recall the earth, the character of the lines of every thickness and fantasy, The shirt signed Gutteridge meets the needs of every customer, thanks to the flexible fit and shaped.

The research does not stop at clothing, but continues to give life to a collection of accessories that complete the wardrobe of every man, in an elegant and refined: the ties, structured in seven folds as a craft production or knit, to add a touch of lightness to even the most sober looks, but also footwear, from soft leather loafers to formal shoes, cufflinks and clutches are the touch of character that can never be missing.

Gutteridge - Boutiques

Every Gutteridge Boutique is a journey into the brand’s history: every boutique is unique, every piece of furniture is sought after and represents the brand’s Anglo-Italian heritage. Located in the main shopping streets of Italy, from Piazza Della Signoria in Florence to the Promenade of Viareggio, from Via Del Corso in Rome to Corso Vittorio Emanuele in Milan, each Gutteridge store is the result of a spasmodic research and attention to detail, where nothing is left to chance.

Designed with the customer in mind, the boutiques are welcoming, warm and the exhibition spaces enhance the product, which shines in the spotlight of the windows, leaving an indelible memory of an unforgettable and unique shopping experience.

Gutteridge - Presence, Expansion and Future Projects

The Gutteridge brand is currently present in Italy with over 50 stores, located in the main shopping streets of the most important Italian cities and within the most prestigious shopping centers and outlet parks.

The expansion of the brand, undertaken in 2007, in just over 10 years has led to a solid success on the Italian market, within which Gutteridge ranks among the leaders in its market segment. In 2015 Gutteridge landed in Spain, a market in which the brand’s presence is expected to be consolidated, and in Greece.